Moms Bang Teens

Moms Bang Teens with Julia Ann Bang Bang Bang – This buxom babe had hair with streaks of purple in it that she wore along with a bright mauve lipstick.  Her make-up was really overdone, like Kelly Osbourne, with eyes that were made up very heavily with mascara.  She also had huge tits squished into a tiny corset, making them seem more massive than they actually were. We could hardly wait to fuck them.  We grabbed her by the hips and sat her on our lap so she could feel our stiff throbbing dick and then we got her wiggling andgrunting when we stuck our fingers down her panties and started diddling her.  She soaked our lap with creamy cum when she came.  After that, her big boobies got one hell of a titty fucking but we held off on cumming. We then laid her down on the bed and screwed her in both holes before pulling out coming all over that nice little arse of hers.

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