Moms Bang Teens

Moms Bang Teens with Goldie Oritz Deep Trouble – This hot blonde was a part time air stewardess and she had that special bearing and deportment that they have. It was great having this classy babe kneel down and suck on our cock. It felt like a real privilege. We loved how enthusiastic she was about fucking.  She shoved us down on the couch and then began pulling at our penis, and balls, stroking and sucking..  Soon we were hnice and stiiff, so we pushed her to the ground and fucked her furiously like a man who had not been laid in ten years.  After she was done cumming we ate out that drippy twat, making sure to give her mor orgasms as we sucked on her clit button. We then rammed her twat one more time and blew big blobs of cum all over her belly.

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