Moms Bang Teens

Moms Bang Teens with Emma Ryder Yes Maam – This woman was so beautiful and smelled so good, we were practiclaly getting woozy on her pheremones. She had beautiful big tit and a huge round ass and just simply looked amazing. Ww could hardly wait to play hide the weasel with her, starting off by eating out that bald snatch of hers. We loved the way she gripped our backs and clawed us when when she came. We then carried her, like the royalty she is, to the bed where we posed in different erotic positions. She especially seemed to enjoy being reamed in the spooning position so we plowed her like that for a good long time. She also rode a cock like a sex-crazed cowgirl and we could hardly keep from coming. When it was time to come she leaned over us and we gave her all of our cum.

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