Moms Bang Teens

Moms Bang Teens with Cassandra Nix A Bad Romance – This lady was so hot she practically melted our eyeballs.  She had big tits, swivelling hips and super-long gams that ended in tootsies encased in a pair of beautiful high heels. We could hardly wait to bang her silly.  Before she took her clothees off she amused us by jerking off in front of us, with one hand down her pants. She didn’t even have her clothes off but after she was done coming we helped out.  She loved it when we rammed her hard up the butt with our hot steaming rods and then, when we could no hold our jizz in one more minute, splattered it all over her hard, round booty.  She then, to our surprise, gave us a hand job so that we could go another round. We got the idea that it would be really hard to oil up those tits and fuck them with her squishing her cleavage together and so we did that until we shot another load right in her face.

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