Moms Bang Teens

Brandi Love and Natalia Starr two female actors in a Moms Bang Teens video where mom bangs teens! She’s giving her man a lap dance, filming it on camera! She grinds her pussy into his bulging crotch, then pulls her panties to the side so he can see her dripping snatch. He gropes her enormous ass, opening her butt hole. She moves her hole to his mouth, and tongue fucks her until she cums. Now it’s his turn, so she slides to her knees and takes his whopper dick in her mouth. He face fucks her hard, his tip hitting the back of her throat. His cum fills her mouth, so she swallows the sticky goo right down. Face-sitting is their thing at Moms Bang Teens! She’s got a plus sized ass, and she plops it down onto his eager, hungry mouth. Her butt cheeks are so big, she buries his face completely. He licks her asshole clean, and begs for more. She grinds harder, totally focused on riding his face, mouth and tongue. His stiff dick doesn’t need stroking to cum, and he sprays his thick semen right onto her ass cheeks. She reaches back and rubs the cum all over her ass and even sticks some into her hole. He watches her fingers work her ass and cums again, hard.

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