Moms Bang Teens

Giselle Mari fucks on Moms Bang Teens! When this beautiful lady walked through the door to meet us we practically jizzed in our pants at the sight of her big round boobies, pleasantly round rump and plump soft lips that were just perfect for sucking a horny guy off.  Seriously, this lady had a way of wagging her fanny at us that was just mesmerizing and by the time she peeled off her tight outfit we were just aching to stick that cock in that big pink cunt of hers.  However, we were polite and made sure we masturbated her to climax before we jammed our big hard prick inside her.  She was so amazed at how big we were, her eyes rolled up into her head.  We fucked her until she could not take one second more of the ecstacy and then at the right moment we pulled out our chubbie and jizzed all over her flushed smooth ass.

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